Quality Policy

BigM Gıda aims to be among the leaders of the sector by working with a healthy society conscious and team spirit;

• Providing storage and distribution in hygienic environments by providing products in accordance with national and international standards,

• Demonstrate the importance and sensitivity to personnel training and awareness-raising efforts to detect customer expectations in-situ and establish a hygienic product flow chain,

• To increase customer satisfaction; to take full customer demands and expectations, to meet at the highest quality level, complete and determined time,

• To increase business productivity; , to give importance to the education of all our employees, to prepare the environment for business perfection and development,

• Establishing an effective communication network between the units to ensure that the desired products are delivered to the customer point in an accurate and timely manner,

• To improve the assembly-sensitive production; to comply with the food safety management system rules and to take all measures to minimize the risk of food chain in this direction,

• To be a reliable partner that the customer can not give up and use in case of need; to ensure that our suppliers have food safety awareness and provide services / products at appropriate prices and prices,

• Establishing an effective evaluation system by supporting our quality system, which we have established in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 - TS 22000: 2005 HACCP standards, with technological developments and providing continuous improvement and improvement in the system.

Our company sells and distributes all types of industrial cleaning equipments, cleaning machines and apparatuses, outhouse cleaning papers, packaging materials, work safety equipments, basic and auxiliary food products of institutions and institution..

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